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You also get a 30-day trial to Encompass-CX and the CX Impact (ROI) Calculator.

The F-word in Business Relationships Mini-course

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In this mini-course, you will learn HOW to:

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When you sign up for the mini-course, you'll  receive a 30-day trial of our client feedback and coaching tool, Encompass-CX.

Get the chance to try the leading client experience platform for high-value business relationships to boost revenue and cut marketing costs!

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You also get...

The CX ‘Impact (ROI) Calculator’.

Using benchmarks for your industry we will show you how efforts to manage your portfolio of client relationships drive measurable growth in revenue, profitability, and client tenure.

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Brad Rinklin


"Encompass-CX helped us expand our focus on the need for better tools to measure client feedback consistently and gather insights that would drive change across the organization"

Tim Barrett

COO, Barrett Distribution Centers

"We found out where we really stood with a customer and what they wanted us to change.”

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